ChemContract understands the importance of time and investment involved in custom synthesis. We will work with you to select a combination of services to fit your pricing objectives to get the work done within a reasonable time period. ChemContract's low cost guarantee, high quality, extensive experience, flexibility, fast turnaround, and problem solving skills all adds up to an excellent package, considering the overall expenses involved in chemical manufacturing and development done overseas.

ChemContract Research offers its customers several customizable services to suit its chemical needs as outlined below.

Custom Synthesis & Manufacturing

ChemContract provides an efficient, low cost, and productive way of doing research and development at par with world class research standard. ChemContract offers customizable resources for organic synthesis, process research & development, combinatorial synthesis, cGMP synthesis, analytical services & medicinal chemistry. It has full service capabilities from prototype development to world-wide distribution. Our reputation is built upon earning our customer's trust, respecting their need for confidentiality, and delivering on our promises. With more than 500 experienced scientists and several support personnel, ChemContract operates at the forefront of chemical technology.

Contract R & D

ChemContract was founded on vast experience, knowledge and problem-solving skills of its scientific staff. This dedicated group includes Ph.D.'s from fields of analytical, biochemistry, organic, inorganic, and medicinal chemistry from reputed schools in India and around the world. It is their clear in-depth understanding of the subject coupled with superior problem-solving skills that prove invaluable throughout all stages of research & development. We offer evaluation of synthetic routes for the optimization of process parameters on bench scale and development of indigenously feasible processes for life-saving drugs, drug intermediates, and specialty chemicals. We also offer development of process technologies for isolation and purification of medicinally important natural products.

ChemContract Research offers R&D services on a long-term basis if you need

  • Collaboration in drug discovery
  • Synthesis of analogs of a lead drug candidate
  • Building a library of organic compounds
  • Process research and development


The analytical research group provides analytical support to basic and applied research in addition to the development of new methods of analysis and efficient analytical protocols. We provide a thorough evaluation and testing of all manufactured materials in modern, fully equipped, quality-control laboratories. The analytical department utilizes a broad range of spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques to assist our customers in validating and purifying chemical compounds. This department also generates quantitative analytical data, including data pertaining to impurity profiles for drug registration purposes. Our analytical laboratory provides HPLC, LC-MS, GC-MS, microscopy, FT-IR, Karl Fischer water determination, various "wet chemical" and other support services. NMR, DSC, TGA, and other analyses are routinely used.


Lead drug candidates traditionally have been synthesized one at a time, a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. In today world, speed - which translates into time, money, and an ability to compete - is a key concern in drug discovery. We can assist you by bridging the gap between finding the right drug candidate and its commercial production. We can help you in developing combinatorial or automated synthesis methods to….

  • Synthesize and identify a lead drug candidate
  • Synthesize analogs of the lead compound
  • Synthesize and optimize the lead compounds used in screening
  • Generate numerous other organic compounds through rapid simultaneous, parallel, or automated synthesis

cGMP Synthesis

ChemContract assists its customers with the cGMP synthesis of lead drug candidates. We have the experience to carry out multi-step synthesis of intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients from gram scale to multi-kilogram scale. Commercial production is carried out in plants operating as per GMP standards and equipped with glass lined and stainless steel equipment capable of carrying reactions at temperatures ranging from -78o C to 300o C, with a total capacity exceeding 40 tons.

Medicinal Chemistry (Drug Discovery)

We can help you in your efforts to identify new molecules with the potential for becoming the new prescription drugs of the future. The efforts of medicinal and synthetic chemist are directed towards working with biologists in developing structure-activity profiles for newly synthesized lead compounds. By analyzing these structural effects on biological activity (SAR), the information is then used to further refinement of the structure of the lead compound on the basis of rational principles including activity in the biological screen (structural effects), physical properties, metabolism etc.


ChemContract offers a broad range of equipment for a large number of chemical reactions. ChemContract Research has formed a strategic alliance with several chemical companies in India to carry out any type of chemical work its customer desire. Our operations include state-of-the-art R&D laboratories backed by latest analytical equipment's, pilot scale facilities and manufacturing sites spread all over India incorporating advanced safety and environmental issues. Below is a glimpse of some of the equipments we offer.


Labs fully equipped with fume hoods; Ovens; Rotavaps (10-50 L); Autoclaves up to 5 L, stainless steel, pressure 60 bar; Combinatorial / computational lab, etc.

Kilolab/Manufacturing Plant/cGMP

Reactors (>300) from 50 L to 30,000 L, glass-lined/stainless steel / hastelloy; Operating temperatures from -78oC to 260oC; Filterdryer; Crystalizers; Flakers; Vaccum dryers; Centrifuges/Nutsche filters/Pressure filters/vaccum belt filters; Hot oil system (250-550 L, 200-280oC); Solid handling, filteration and drying facilities; Packaging; High vaccum distillation; Continuous distillation system; Sulzer columns; Air jet pulveriser; Autoclaves 500-2000 L, 70 bar pressure/120oC; Hydrogenator 200-2000 L S.S, with agitator, bubbler & S.S filter pressure-20 Kg/cm.sq, temperature 140oC; Fermentation; Rotary evaporators; Chromatography columns (50-1000 L, Resin based, silica, alumina); ISO 9000, 9001, and 9002 certified plant; cCMP certified plant, etc.

Quality COntrol

HPLC, FT-IR, UV, LC-MS, GC-MS, NMR (200, 300, 400 MHz), polarimeter, etc.