ChemContract is a premier provider of custom synthesis and contract R&D services to the pharmaceutical, biotech and Agrochemical industries in India and worldwide. It is also a high quality supplier of Chemical Products like Speciality and Fine Chemicals (Pyridine, Piperidine, Piperazine, Thiophene), Chiral Building Blocks (Chiral Pyrrolidine, Piperidine, Amine derivatives) and Pharmaceutical intermidiates at a competitive prices. ChemContract has entered into a strategic alliance with several top chemical companies in India which specializes in custom synthesis and bulk manufacturing of a broad range of specialty chemicals, dyes, bulk drugs & pharmaceutical intermediates. With more than 60 R&D and manufacturing facilities spread across India, ChemContract offers a wide range of services and products used in chemical industries world-wide at a guaranteed unbeatable price.

ChemContract provides an efficient, low cost, and productive way of doing research and development at par with world class research standard. ChemContract offers customizable resources for organic synthesis, process research & development, combinatorial synthesis, cGMP synthesis, analytical services & medicinal chemistry. It has full service capabilities from prototype development to worldwide distribution. Our reputation is built upon earning our customer's trust, respecting their need for confidentiality, and delivering on our promises. With more than 500 experienced scientists and several support personnel, ChemContract operates at the forefront of chemical technology.